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‘Maris Piper’ (Maincrop Seed Potatoes) - Certified Scottish

‘Maris Piper’ (Maincrop Seed Potatoes) - Certified Scottish

Potato ‘Maris Piper’ (Maincrop Seed Potato) 5 tubers sent by courier

Maris Piper seed potatoes are a widely grown commercial variety - it's often called 'the chippies choice' - but well worth growing in the kitchen garden for its high yields of top flavoured tubers, which makes it perfect for chips, wedges and sauteed potatoes. High yields of eelworm-resistant tubers

Plant from late March and lift for storage in September and October.

Yield: High

Shape: Oval

Skin: White

Flesh: White

Cooking: Chips & Wedges

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